Rogue One - movie review by JohnStripedfur

Just got back from seeing this movie and I have to tell you. I really enjoyed it.

At first, I wasn't on board with these spin off movies. Because I felt there's no need for them. That's what the newly rebooted extended universe is for with their novels, comics, and video games. But then I saw the first teaser and I was fully on board. Each trailer made it much more exciting to see it. And now that I had seen it. It lived up to the hype.

Compare this to the main movies in the saga, it's definitely more grounded and a lot more darker. This one feels more like an actual war movie and the thing with the Force takes a bit in the back seat. I like all the characters in this movie and each one I want to root for to succeed in what they should do.

If I have to nitpick, I would say it does the same thing that Force Awakens did with nostalgia and nods, but not as much. Don't get me wrong, I love Force Awakens. But, Rogue One does it a lot fewer. It feels more realistic than the main movies in the saga. Like you can tell that there's a chance that most won't make it. Although, for the characters. I wish some of them were brought out a little more so I know who they are fully, but I know them enough to care. Plus, it's great to see Darth Vader in it. He's only in it for like 5 minutes of the movie, but it's great 5 minutes. You can feel his powerful presence. He's treated like a force of nature in this flick like he was in A New Hope. Which is great because that's what Vader is suppose to feel like.

Overall, it's a great tie-in to the main movies and it's worth seeing in theaters. If you're a huge Star Wars fan, don't miss this one. :)

Rogue One - movie review


15 December 2016 at 20:43:42 MST

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    Saw the movie yesterday, right after school and loved it. I really agree with your review, I was a little scared that as the first standalone film it would be overhyped and possibly not really feel like a star wars movie. It definitely didn't feel like a saga film, as you said, but really successfully fleshed out the 'real world' of the star wars universe. But I also really wish we got to know more of the main cast. Ever since the first trailer I've been dying to see more of Chirrut Imwe, hes such a unique and mysterious character. Cassian and Jyn I think got a pretty solid development and death, I actually teared up a bit, but the rest of the team not getting as much treatment to me made it feel kinda unbalanced. While I was fully expecting them to be killed off, I still wanted their deaths to be meaningful, so when they did die, I felt pretty disappointed. Otherwise, I would also agree that the cameos and easter eggs were better than tfa. Especially the last two. The moment Darth Vaders lightsaber ignited and he started going to town on the rebels I was crying, and even though I knew the plans would make it out, the suspense in that scene had me on the edge of my seat. Then of course, the ending when we saw princess Leia, the entire theater gasped and I started sobbing out of happiness. Overall, I'm very impressed and satisfied with the movie, and think it's a strong way for Disney to open up more opportunities for their new line of spinoff films.

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      I actually gave some time and thought on this movie and the more I think on it. There's a few things I would love to see them change a bit. We all heard this movie was reshot several months ago and I think it showed somewhat in there. And I've been hearing mixed feelings from many people. Some people absolutely loved it, others not so much. I felt there's no need to show the two friends in the Cantina scene in A New Hope that got their arms sliced off by Kenobi, but it was nice seeing them. Wonder how they escaped from the planet when the town got destroyed. Also, the CGI Tarken character from A New Hope was in there and it was great to see him to tie in fully to Episode IV, but the CGI was iffy as you can really tell it's CGI. Don't get me wrong, it's better than what they did with young Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy, but felt not needed. Also, seeing C-3PO and R2D2 making an appearance was definitely not needed. Even though the first two acts seem to drag out somewhat, the third act was well worth the entire watch. It's probably the most intense sci-fi action scene in a Star Wars movie since Hoth in Empire Strikes back. One more nitpick is of course at the end. Where we see Princess Leia. I was like, awesome she's in it. We all can tell it's her just from the clothes and I felt just seeing her back is more than enough, but then they pan to her face and there it is. Another CGI face and I was like, really. Do we need that? That took me out a bit and movie just abruptly ended there. Don't get me wrong. This movie was great, but I think I like The Force Awakens more than Rogue One. I guess this is more of an Apples and Oranges kind of deal.

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        Agreed, it was nice to see those characters again, but it did feel kinda stretched and out of place. Overall, I still loved the movie and don't know yet which I liked better lol