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MFF 2016 Deerbriefing by Buck-Aye


  • I was able to make it there in a timely manner with no major interruptions to travel, and was able to enjoy the entirety of the con.
  • The Bleat and Greet, which involved a gathering deer fursuiters, was mostly a success.
  • I was able to get a lot of artwork for my sketchbook.
  • The surprise snowfall that occurred on Sunday really enhanced the con and made it pretty amazing.
  • Got to meet up with a lot of friends for the first time.
  • My Sony A7 was back up in working order.


  • I ended up someway contracting con crud on the Friday/Saturday of the event and it really put a damper on attending.
  • It lacked a fursuit parade, and therefore it felt like a piece of the con was missing.
  • I didn't get a chance to actually go out and see the city, and kind of felt trapped at the hotel.
  • I missed the chance to really hang with a lot of old friends (some weren't even there to begin with.)
  • Didn't take too many photo's as I wanted to.
  • Felt like my means to getting ppl to act out wasn't really welcomed, and therefore my content felt lacking.
  • Went WAY over my intended budget, I'd say mostly in part to being ill and stuck in the hotel.


  • Either better hygiene/cleanliness, though I think that it'd only serve as a slight means of protection against those sort of illnesses.
  • Make it an objective to hunt out and meet with old familiar friends.
  • Go and actually see and do things in the city when time grants it.
  • Get people to act out more with whatever they got or doing.
  • Need to plan out and stick with a better budget.

Overall, Midwest Furfest 2016 felt a bit lacking compared to 2015, but wasn't as difficult or lack luster as 2014. Getting ill at these events (whether it may be from foodborne illnesses to con crud) really results in a nasty chain reaction, and I gotta develop a better method for keeping myself healthy. The fursuit parade being removed also put a major dent into how I felt about the event, as if something simple from it went missing, making it feel "incomplete." Looking at it, the saving graces for the event for me were between the Bleat and Greet and the Snowfall on Sunday.

I give this Midwest Furfest 2016 a 3.5/5

But providing more afterthoughts, will I be going next year for MFF2017? Really depends, two things that did make this con enjoyable were conditional, and if it weren't for that it'd have been mediocre at best. On top of that, the travel required at this point in order to reach conventions and other events back stateside has become way more difficult, especially with the big concerns surrounding funds. But at the same time, MFF has always been the con I've decided to hit up at the last minute, and if I'm given any chance (outside of the no-go cons for me) I'll probably head out to them regardless of costs. So it's pretty much undetermined at this point, neither denied nor guaranteed.

MFF 2016 Deerbriefing


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