MFF2016 Memories by nightdragon0

MFF2016 Memories


Enuff said.

“You have an interesting accent. Are you European?”
Me: Facepalm
(Something like this happened in 2014. They asked if I was British.)

Filming Floor Wars & competing in it. “You know it’s on when the cameraman’s getting up to dance!”

Upside down dabs!
Ronnie either hates me or himself right now. Or both =p

Zarroc is actually blue. I still don’t believe it.

Walked in right on time for the Dragon photoshoot ^.=.^

“First thing he does when he gets here is kick the cat.”

Dance comp opening group choreo:
“Deviled egg formation!”
“Those two in the back will be the retards who will stay up while everyone else is down.”

Sitting down at 1am, watches police car & ambulance roll by.
Me: “This is why I carry my jacket at all times now while out of suit.”
“Shit XD”

Deep dish pizza!

Fursuiter snowball fight in front of the hotel.

“Singha, it’s very warm, right?”
(He’s taking photos outside in the snow with only T-shirt & jeans on)

Suit swapped with Confection. No one could tell until I talked =p
“I didn’t realize the new owner of Confection was a guy.”

MFF2016 Memories


7 December 2016 at 22:18:06 MST

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