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No rest for the wicked by clubsofmeloncholy

I keep being inactive, and I haven't been drawing much. I've mostly been stressed due to work and school. Idk if I'll be able to work next semester with taking even more classes, and frankly the thought of quitting is relieving. I plan to keep pushing until the holidays are over and then quit once I pop right into next semester.
I'm sorry for the inactivity I really am @.@
Maybe once things calm down I can draw again ( I haven't even really gotten to sketch, mostly stress about getting yelled at by... "quirky" personalities at work, and trying to figure things out for classes)
I also hate the thought of quitting my job, but I'm at a limit myself, idk if I can do both and keep good grades.
I'm p sure I even managed to raise my gpa a bit after tanking a class my very first semester, so... I don't think I can prioritize working
But maybe after I quit I'll have more time to draw v

No rest for the wicked


1 December 2016 at 16:11:07 MST

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    this is like hell month for students

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      I'm lucky to not be super loaded with classes, but one of the classes i greatly struggle with the other one is an intro to language and that's just
      A lot to deal with in itself.

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    Oh dear, I'm sorry for all the stress you're going through currently. I'm sure we all understand why you're being inactive, it's not like you have a choice really. Art should be fun though, so don't add on extra stress to yourself just because you feel you need to post more art. Take as much time as you need, school is much more important at times.

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      My stress levels kinda try to even themselves out.
      Usually involving my weight gain :^)

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        Aw man... I wish I could help. :(

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    duuuude my own friend quit their job just the other day too! no worries if it is giving you stress and shit. we're all having crap happen.

    godspeed to your scholastics and don't forget to breathe and nourish your body!!

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      I'm in a slightly more positive mood with realizing that I will be leaving my job after I start up next semester
      It makes me feel a bit calmer even though this is the month of the angriest shoppers.

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        screw the shoppers. me and the gf almost got hit by a couple of crappy drivers this evening going to the store! >:O