A New Chapter for Zakhargrad Unit 582 by SilverSheep

I just completed chapter two for the story I am working on. | Zakhargrad Unit 582: Chapter 2 |

I am looking forward to take more photos soon hopefully at a fur meet in December. I love taking photos at fur meets and conventions. I am sure fursuiters love to see themselves in suit. I am glad to make it happen.

It is good to see a new furry convention for Australia called Harbour City Furcon. It is organised by the same people who do the Canberra one so it should be good. I see great photos on Twitter come out from that event. Sydney needs a furry convention I think its too expensive to have one before so I hope it turns out well.

The fur meet called FurJAM was a great event so Sydney can make for fun times. My next full convention is Confurgence in Melbourne in January that will be tops. Not much longer to wait now.

I am curious to see how my writing goes down. I still think I'm a better photographer than writer.

A New Chapter for Zakhargrad Unit 582


15 November 2016 at 19:41:32 MST

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