Con Report: CanFURence 2016 by rkniner

This past weekend, I attended the inaugural CanFURence in Ottawa, a three day furcon a few hours' drive from Toronto (well, I flew for an hour, but I digress). Just over 300 furs showed up, and honestly? It was a BLAST!

As a panelist at the con responsible for Friday's "Tour de fur" walk, this was also my first time helping with a con's programming. And that event was a hit! With sunny, breezy and cool fall weather, we got 27 fursuiters for the Friday afternoon event, then repeated it (unplanned) on Saturday due to demand.

I'll definitely have to work on something like that for my next con, the local Furnal Equinox.

As the con went on, I also joined in the fursuit games, where my team won the right to first swing at the pinata, and, uh, I broke the bat 😵. We eventually just tore it apart before i prepared for the parade.

By the time Sunday rolled around, I was exhausted, though. Between the games, parade, three fursuit walks, a couple trips to Byward Market, and multiple nights of pool, I may have overdone it. Still, was nice to force myself to take a lighter day for a change.

But running into so many friends (old and new) on the hotel's intimate conference floor was worth it. Will definitely look into returning next year.

Con Report: CanFURence 2016


15 November 2016 at 06:53:21 MST

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