October is here! Time for the show :D by Zaezar

Hello hello hello. Welcome to the fantastical heart-stopping show. You better be happy that you got your tickets early, people are dying to get in!
So what do we have for you this month? Well how about a sale for anyone wanting to celebrate along with the show, hm? https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1381536/october-specials
Not enough for you? Picky much. I will have to point you out to the pyrotechnics. Nonetheless, how about an old character brought back from years of retirement? She is an entertainer perfect for our little show tonight! I certainly hope you will enjoy her. She is a great entertainer and her fans are just dropping dead in their seats. Certainly a heart-pounding show for you all.

The streams will be changed around a little this month as well. A few have to be marked NSFW due to the mature content going on in them. I hope you can understand. But not all will be behind a black curtain, most will be just the same as usual (though the playlist seems to want to join the show as well!). Same time, same place.

Enjoy the month, everybody! I have a new icon for just the occasion :D

October is here! Time for the show :D


1 October 2016 at 02:46:43 MDT

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