Leaving Weasyl (see journal for details) by MadMeeper

Yo sup nerds

I've found recently that keeping track of a lot of websites just isnt for me, I can't do it haha. So I'm kind of going to leave certain sites to just sit around and collect dust. Once in a while I'll post but I definitley wont be posting often. I just need to reduce the amount of things I'm doing in my life and these sites seem to be the thing.

You can find me most active on Tumblr and Twitter, linked below. They more or less get the same exact content.



Leaving Weasyl (see journal for details)


27 September 2016 at 17:02:59 MDT

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    Well, that sure didn't seem to last. Oh well. (I'm a bit of an old cuss and could care less about Twaddle and Fumblr.) Catch you on the flip side then.

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    Totally understandable -_- See ya around.

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    Tumblr or Twitter, neither of which have the inbox for the followed content.
    This completely breaks the workflow for someone who doesn't want to miss anything, but doesn't want to be checking furiously all the time either.

    If you post here even rarely though, that will be just fine.

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      I understand, I'll still be posting to here, but very rarely and probably only finished products, plus periodic commission announcements. The reason why I've mostly moved my content to social media is because I'm looking to become a part of the animation industry. Unfortunately, it's easier to gain connections and build relationships this way than it is in a gallery system like dA and Weasyl.

      If you're still interested though I DO keep my tumblr and twitter very clean so if you feel the urge, you can periodically check out my galleries there so you don't miss any content :>

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    best of luck to you on those 2 places,
    probably might follow on twitter but no interest to even touch Tumblr..