FurJAM was a Blast by SilverSheep

The FurJAM barbecue was a fantastic day. It was a lovely spring day not too hot for the fursuiters. I saw some of the furries from FurDU including Flow Fox, Lhancat, Muttasaur and Trak among others.

I took 301 photos from the event so I have heaps of photos to go through. I recognised many of the other photographers there from the Lupe suit shoot at FurDU. I will have to introduce myself to some of them.

It was such fun capturing the fursuiting antics on camera. I was a bit shy as I usually am but Flow Fox came over and gave me a hug. Flow fox is such a good fursuiter he acts so cute and does some awesome poses for photos not to mention his dance moves.

A highlight for me is when Diego came over to say hi and he even introduced me to his partner Arti Husky. I must admit I wasn't much of a conversationalist but I was made to feel so welcome. I will eventually open up more it takes time with me. I didn't muster up the courage to say hi to Muttasaur but I did take some good photos of her suit.

Arti is such a dance fiend he had a red wireless speaker box hanging from his backpack that he was piping music through. The fursuiters where bouncing around and one furry in a Made Fur You fox fursuit climbed a tree. You know you're a furry when you can guess a fursuit's maker just by looking at the style of the suit.

All in all I had a great time.

FurJAM was a Blast


24 September 2016 at 04:13:19 MDT

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