Finally saw Pete's Dragon! by ilbv

Dragon, anything with Dragons is wonderful, marvelous, spectacular. I extend that love of course to all movies that involve creatures that are superior to the human race. For example the new movie "Monster Trucks" while it looks exceptionally corny, I will still enjoy it for the adorable yet dangerous monster alien creature that is featured in it.

Onto the movie! What a tragic turn of events right at the beginning of the story(learn to drive Dad), but if you follow Disney Tradition, its kind of bound to happen, plus we knew it already because of the general knowledge of the boy who lives with a Dragon.

Quite enjoyed the imposing yet snuggable new design of Elliot and his sounds were super heartwarming, but what of course was the most enjoyable were all the snuggle scenes, love love love love big powerful creatures with tender hearts!

Also though, Elliot's fierce protective side shows and I heartily enjoy that as well. Go protective Dragons!!! For the WiN!

Pete's warming up to humanity was a relatable struggle in the sense of it was all new to him, as "life" is for most people who are finished with education and unsure of where they are going or how it will be. Frightening, but it all works out for Pete, so it can work out for us too right?

Love the warmth of the whole story and even the setting and decorations of the houses and rooms, it was so farm-fresh with that exceptionally loving feel to it, I felt like I could watch this movie with popcorn and a hot chocolate. I found myself really into the wallpapers. And the emotion and family connection was so tender, with all relations. Father-Daughter, Brothers, Friends, Fiancés, Stepmom-Daughter, Human-Dragon. this movie filled me right up with love and family values. Precious.

Naturally there is human greed and man thinking anything and everything can be owned and laid claim to, even living Dragons. The struggles of where to be and who to be with were ripping me apart, there is the perfect fantasy fairy tale ending, but Disney likes to also be realistic and logical, so mixing that into the storyline of the movie was really hard for me. I just wanted Pete to be adopted and Elliot would be this little families secret Dragon forever, but not so :( directly anyways.

The final reveal for the ending of the film and fates of all involved was done in the best way possible for the circumstances of what all had been through. And you can never have too many Dragons!!

This movie helped me to keep alive my own belief and obsessive desire that Dragons really are out there, away from humankind, where they should be because as much as we love Dragons, we are not worthy or capable of understanding them, and I passionately believe they are superior beings.

This movie reaffirmed my hardcore love for Dragons, they are everything and more. They are my favorite Fantasy creature and I am so glad they exist in the capacity that they do.

Finally saw Pete's Dragon!


14 September 2016 at 22:44:02 MDT

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