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Just one of them life update things...

Depression hit me hard again most of this week not making it into work. At least this time I was able to catch it quicker than I did in January, and the medication I am on helps me keep somewhat of a clear head enough to see patterns and tell the doc Thursday morning what moods I get, patterns i saw with decreased social-ness and other stuff to see if can help get clearer answers on whats up... If I need therapy on top, stuff like that. SO far we just doubled the Lexipro dosage (from 5mg to 10mg) and see how that does.

Work i am on real thin ice with. I wont lie. At the same time I got a promotion (more pay) very recently.... the trade-off is we picked up another H U GE customer that's around the corner... so we are needing more techs and longer hours and maybe have Sunday open again. That's going to force me to a. MAKE IT TO WORK, b. really sharpen my skills on some stuff, c. get more money...

Which leads to my biggest stress-ball right now. thousands of dollars in debt in loans, cards, house repairs from last year and car problems int he mix. Nobody to blame on most of that but myself. but its got me backed up against the wall with guns aimed at my head. Working to better manage numbers, reduce the splurge urges, better manage how much/when I get commissions, stuff like that. Wont be an overnight fix, but I know I can do it. I have to.

Quite a bit going on the next few weeks event wise it seems. This Saturday I plan to go to a BBQ fur meet at Midnight's house (listed in MY MEETUP GROUP and IN NOVAFURS GROUP. Then try to do a wing meet that's on labor day, then on the 10th help Khel move before my big house meet that evening. Dad and step-mom will be in town close to that point, finally.

As for art i have doodled a couple times past couple months but moods haven't really been up to wanting to draw. I am at least going through my piles of art on the hard drives and getting more commissions sorted and slapped up on my Piwigo page. I can tell a good chunk from my sketchbooks aren't scanned in or their scans lost I will have to re-do to further complete the total. But you can check the progress HERE if you want. if want to see the NSFW stuff, click the "Activate the pornographic contents] button near the bottom of the gallery.

Depression, work, money, events, art


26 August 2016 at 00:20:19 MDT

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