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Hey there.... sorry for some extreme silence. Admittedly, stegosaurus stegosaurus and I have been caught up with work and also working to bring some developments in the next months. However, the one thing that has been on our minds for the last few weeks is our upcoming annual event. This is our traditional event, to show our love for the local community and its diversity.

Here are words from our the plated one, stegosaurus

Yup! We are crazy enough to try this whole thing again. With the summer nearing its end, we find ourselves with just a month to go before our second attempt for the 18th Annual FurBQ, Saturday September 17th.....

SoCal FurBQ 2016.... Take Two!

With the cancellation of our event at Irvine Regional Park this past May, we were granted a rescheduled reservation for our new area. We are expecting a great turnout and a successful event, but we encourage any assistance when it comes to seeding our event with food and supples: For those who are planning on arriving early and wish to bring supplies, here is our list of requested supplies:

  • Cups
  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Meat
  • Condiments(((Special note for mayonaise: We will not accept mayonaise that is in a jar as it will go bad very quickly. Single serving packets only))
  • Vegetables for grilling (such as corn on the cob, stuffed peppers, etc)
  • Tablecloths and Plastic for our food prep area

If you are arriving later in the day or would like to contribute differently, we are accepting donations via Paypal. You can click the Donation button on the sidebar of or use this handy direct link direct link

Attention Artists! If you are interested in doing the art and design for this year's posters, please let us know! Examples of prior years can be viewed in our FA Gallery ^ and for this year we would like to include Noah ^ , SocalFur’s newer mascot. Prior year posters have also included Dume (a character created by jonas that he allows us to use, with credit -- WikiFur Info), as well as Tamerlaine, our original mascot.

Also, please be aware that, due to Park Rules, No Vending is allowed at the event area (which would require us to have a different reservation type): You are more than welcome to arrange for payment of artwork being picked up there Prior to the event, but no monies can exchange hands for merchandise during the actual event.

^ Yes, we are looking to get our mascots' galleries moved over to Weasyl.

SoCalFurs - 18th Annual FurBQ


15 August 2016 at 18:53:43 MDT

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