If Donald Trump Is President by BaronTremayneCaple

If Donald Trump is United States president, I'll move to Canada, don't bring me back here to get segregated & divided because I'm Black American.

Donald Trump's Make America Great Again means good old days, going backwards, going back to the 1950's where blacks get segregated, hit by waterholes & dogs, we'll be all slaves for him.

Never vote for him, he will Make America White Again, he's a pussy.

His white supporters are hypnotized and brainwashed, they doing the Adolf Hitler's Nazis solute, and hate Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Asians, and everybody.

Vote for Hillary Clinton and be a Democrat, never Republican, or else World War 3, I'm a Democrat, I;m a donkey, never Republican, never elephant.

Russia, North Korea, China, and some parts of the Middle East will never be America's allies, or else America's allies will cut us off and turn their backs.

Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler since he hates Mexicans and Muslims, etc.

He's a maniac, psycho and hooligan, he's the devil and evil.

Fuck Donald Trump, Donald Trump for prison, never Trump, no Trump.

Black Lives Matter, Hands Up Don't Shoot.

If Donald Trump Is President


5 August 2016 at 00:26:51 MDT

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