Review of "Escape From St. Arned" by Threetails

This is over a year old, but someone did review "Escape from St. Arned."

Seems to be a rather neutral review, but it pretty accurately describes the story. One thing the reviewer did not mention is that I give a very good reason for my fifty-page climax!

It's probably the work I was most disappointed in the reception to; "Cirrostratus" has sold maybe 200+ copies and is known to furry readers all over the world, but how many readers even know that there's a sequel?!? I paid attention to all the criticisms of the original, I polished it well beyond what I was capable of when I wrote "Cirrostratus," I tied up so many loose ends in the plot, I added a surprise ending that should have been a trainwreck and I actually pulled it off and made it work, and I even got a reasonably well-known artist to do the cover! I also made it maybe 20-40% raunchier than "Cirrostratus," and yes, there is lots of hot wolf on otter action.

What went wrong? This novel is my forgotten creation. I really think it deserves to be given some attention. I lavished so much attention on promoting "The Vimana Incident" because it had mainstream appeal, and it seems to have made at least a tiny dent in the mainstream sci-fi market (unlike "St. Arned," which to be blunt had a little too much wolf knot for most non-furry readers' liking), but I think I'd like this book to have another chance to get known in the fandom.

Review of "Escape From St. Arned"


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