Do Not Vote For Donald Trump, Or Else by BaronTremayneCaple

Donald Trump will make America white again.

He will put the minimum wage to $7.00 per hour for workers and employees.

He will start World War 3.

He will be friends with the United States enemies Kim Jong Un from North Korea and Vladimir Putin from Russia.

More black people getting killed by white cops, going to jails and prisons, KKK and Confederate Flags against black people, and starts slavery and segregation, Black Lives Matter, not all, not white, and not blue.

Police will be more violent.

Donald Trump wants violent.

He will have a trade war with China that is always making trillions of dollars selling products and items to all of us.

Apple company comes to the United Stated, the Apple product will be very expensive with their prices.

He called Africans thugs, he called Muslims terrorists, he called Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, and he called women bimbos, he insults and disrespects all of us.

He will make people poorer and bankrupted, and he will make millionaires, billionaires, and trillionaires richer.

He will make America in crisis.

He tells it like it is and keeping it real.

He's building a wall to Mexico to keeping the Mexicans out.

He's banning all Muslims coming to the United States.

He wants South Korea and Japan make nukes to attack North Korea.

KKK and Confederates endorses Donald Trump.

He will get rid of Obama Care by Barack Obama and replace it something very expensive.

He will deport everybody.

He will get rid of Gun Free Zones in all schools and stores.

He will make America unsafe and dangerous.

He is a dictator and the next Adolf Hitler.

He will bankrupted everybody.

He will cut off all of the food stamps.

White people loves Donald Trump but me and my black people hates Donald Trump.

I support the assassination of Donald Trump what all of these people are planing to do.

I'm voting for Hillary Clinton, I'm with her, I want her to be the first woman for president in the United States Of America

I'm always a Democrat, I'm never a Republican.

My black people are all Democrats, never Republicans, we all vote for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is very dangerous and very racist, a hater, a bully, a Troll, he is the devil, and he doesn't care about black people, only white people, he's a white supremacy.

Hillary Clinton my first woman president and Elizabeth Warren my first woman vice president.

We will never survive 4 and/or 8 years of Donald Trump as president, we all be dead, vote for Hillary Clinton as president to always survive.

Do Not Vote For Donald Trump, Or Else


5 July 2016 at 14:52:19 MDT

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