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Trading in my Nintendo 3DS XL ( planning to, anyway) by PrivateDoomsday

FINAL UPDATE: I may have been annoyed today, but starting soon, I might consider trading my Nintendo 3DS XL, at GameStop. It's working for now, but the condition might not last. If they accept it, I'll be able to trade it in, and get $75 off of store credit, just to obtain a "New Nintendo 3DS XL", which allows support, for certain games, like "Xenoblade Chronicles"!
Otherwise, if I can't, I'll simply work on my Nintendo 3DS XL, and place the hardware, into a new body, just to permanently save it. Here's what I'll intend to add, in addition to a newly modified body:

  1. Bluetooth controller support (A bluetooth controller for the "Wii-U" would be PERFECT, for what I have, in mind! Other third party controllers, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, would also be supported.)
  2. USB Slots (For charging any bluetooth controllers, using a charging slot.
  3. HDMI output (The upper screen of the Nintendo DS would be removed, and be modified, to instead, connect to an HDMI TV, (or such a monitor of a sort) and play games, using it, to see the upper screen!

As for the upper screen's hardware, I'll simply recycle it, in a way, to save it. SPECIFICALLY in a method, where it will not break; being a portable monitor, for a Sega Dreamcast! (It remains flat, does NOT bend, and is simply a removable add-on to the Sega Dreamcast, while maintaining speakers on it, for when I'm playing a video game.)

As for the Sega Dreamcast monitor, here are the features I would include:

= Rechargable battery (Possibly a built-in one. The reason why, would be so I can play Sega Dreamcast games, on the go! But, when at a certain location with a power outlet, and when your battery is too low, you can turn the battery off, and charge it, without needing to turn off the game console! That way, the battery will DEFINITELY not be ruined!)
= HDMI output (A new feature, but is optional, and made to encourage the idea, of playing Sega Dreamcast games, on an HD TV!)
= AV output slots (In case the TV there, is NOT an HDMI TV.)
= Power switch (For turning the battery on and off)

And that's about it. Until then, so long!

Trading in my Nintendo 3DS XL ( planning to, anyway)


2 July 2016 at 20:58:47 MDT

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