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*Anthrocon 2016 Meme* by TwilightSaint


Yep, it's TIME. Time for Anthrocon 2016!!! Who all will I see there?!

Commissioners for Badge pick-up and Print orders, this meme should cover all the info you need to find me to pick up your artwork! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask me as soon as possible or during the con!

Anthrocon – 30JUN2016-05JUL2016

-Basic Convention Info-

-Where are you staying?
The Westin.

-What day are you getting there?
Zero dark thirty Friday morning.

-How are you traveling?

-How long are you going?
Dark morning hours of Friday to Tuesday.

-What is the best way to find you?
Just keep an eye out for Sniper or another suit, or my Sniper kigu! I’ll be wearing badges for whichever suit I’m in at the time, as well as my Muzafr badges.
If nothing else works and you need to get a hold of me for something, (such as picking up a badge commission,) please note me here or send me a Direct Message on Twitter! ( )

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Shout out any combination of ‘TwilightSaint, Twilight, Saint, Muzafr, Sniper, Desert Dragon, or Chin Dragon!’ I’ll answer to any of the above, haha.
If I’m in suit, please get in front of me and into my field of vision so I can see you! While in suit and really performing in character, I tend to move very quickly and may not see you if you’re standing to the side or behind me. You can also tap me on the shoulder!

-I have Badges/Prints to pick up! How can I get my art delivered?
COMMISSIONERS! At ALL TIMES during the convention, I’ll be wearing a special backpack, (it says TwilightSaint on it, hehe,) with all of the Badges and print orders in it! I’ll be wearing this both in and out of suit, and will tote it around for the entirety of the con until everything is delivered.
If you see me and need to pick up your Badge/Print!!! Please come right up to me! Don’t hesitate to poke me on the shoulder, introduce yourself, (unless I’ve already met you, hehe,) and just let me know you’re ready to pick up your Badge/Print, and I’ll give it to you on the spot!
If it’s Saturday-Sunday and you still haven’t found me, Note me here, or send me a Direct Message on Twitter or Telegram! Please note however, that while in suit, I won’t be checking my phone much, so your best bet is to arrange a time to meet with me before/after a panel you or I are attending so we can ensure we find each other at a set pace and time.-

-Personal Info-

-What do you look like?
Look for all the dragon and Navy paraphernalia, some camo, keffiyeh, and a buzzcut. And a very srs expression.

-What is your gender?

-How tall are you?
5' 7"

-Can I talk to you?
Yes! Just forgive the sailor’s mouth.
Friendly reminder that I don’t talk in suit while acting in character, and I prefer not to hold long conversations while in suit due to it being hard to hear you, and I also don’t want to lose my voice by yelling so that you can hear me!

-Can I touch you?

-Can I buy you drinks?
Sure! Only if it’s sealed or if I’m present while it’s being served.

-Can I give you food?
Chex Mix and sushi and curry, plz!

-Can I give you stuff?
Sure, if you’d like!

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Hugs are fine, yes! Please make sure I’ve seen you, though! While in suit, I may not see you since my peripheral vision is blocked. Just move in front of me and wait for me to acknowledge that I see ya.

-Are you nice?

-Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
If there’s a group going somewhere, then sure!

-Can I take your picture?
In suit, yes please! I loooove looking through con pictures and videos after conventions – such great memories! If you happen to take any, please link them to me!

-Convention Plans-

-Are there any panels you might be attending?
The DAD meet ‘n greet and video shoot, Floor Wars, (cheer for Adorabad!) the DAD panel, Dance Comp auditions, and hopefully the Dance Comp itself! Also the fursuit parade, for sure.

-Will you be suiting?
As much as humanly possible!

-What suit(s) is/are you bringing?
Sniper, Jaeger, maybe Isra if I can fit her somewhere, and picking up my new suit, Kaneohe! I’ll also be sporting my LemonBrat Sniper hoodie and kigu.

-Do you have an artist table?

-Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
Running between panels and dance events, and suiting absolutely everywhere!

-Will you be performing?
Yes, quite a bit! I’ll be dancing in the DAD meet ‘n greet group dance video. I’ll be dancing in Floor Wars with team ‘Adorabad,’ and I’ll be auditioning to compete in the Dance Comp finals!

-What/where will you be eating?
Anywhere nearby. I like to stay in the immediate vicinity of the con to ensure I don’t miss events. But I sure have a lot of folks I can’t wait to see again and catch up with over a good meal!

-Will you be going to parties?
If it’s in the company of people I know, then yes.

-What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
I’m just happy to be going at all! Missing AC2015 cut me deep, and the stars just aligned perfectly in the Squadron for me to attend this year! I’m really looking forward to making this con one of the most epic yet, and there are sooo many people I’m wicked excited to see again!

I'm so wicked excited! Can't wait to see everyone there! :D

Commissioners for the other Badges, don't fret! Your pieces are slated to be posted in the immediate few days of my return from the con!

Folks interested in commissioning soon...I'll be opening for another Commission Batch within a week or two of my return from AC. Just keep an eye on my Journal updates!

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Anthrocon 2016 Meme*


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