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murr/yiffsuits should be banned from cons by felixcani

My opnion about yiffsuits.... Really how ? First how can u like screw in a cute animal costume ? It makes NO sense.

Second. Why do u use it in public afterwards ? It's disgusting and like wtf. Sure u wash it and all and take pics with people and so on, but u use it during sex afterwards.

Seriously ? Why ??

I could menition alot of murrsuits right here right now, but chose not to since poeple would be maaaaaaaaaaaaaad at me.

murr/yiffsuits should be banned from cons


7 March 2013 at 16:05:46 MST

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    I don't care for them, personally, and would never do that in a suit...would be too hot, would ruin the suit, and would be disrespectful to the artist who made it, IMO. As for banning them at cons, I don't care what people do behind closed doors, but if they wear such suits out in public, they should at least have shorts over them or something to cover any obvious signs of it being used for yiff. Why those kinds of suits are allowed at cons, but perfectly modest and tame (not for sexual use) leather ponysuits aren't allowed is just beyond me. :P

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      It's all about the visual stuff. And I had quite frankly felt uncomfy with leather creatures around me >__> I just find that sorta disturbing and I connect it with something else. But that's my opinion though.

      And yes people can do whatsoever they want, but it would be for the best if they stopped posting vids and pictures about it. It sorta ruins it for us all.