Weekly Music for 2016/06/05 by Sirver

Sorry for being a distracticat, was busy with Confuzzled and haven't updated my twitter weekly since then and only just getting starting to post Weekly Music on here now. ^^; I'll be back on schedule next weekend! :3


Weekly Music for 2016/06/05


Weekly Music: Genre - Pop Punk, Pop Rock.

Band - Against The Current

Song - Running With The Wild Things - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcvuYNhfj-c

Buy their Music on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

All albums on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6yhD1KjhLxIETFF7vIRf8B


Follow their Twitter @ ATC_BAND !


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Weekly Game Music: OverWatch, Hollywood Theme 1, For PC, PS4, Xbone.



Weekly Vocaloid Music: Oliver & Kagamine Len, 'Loucetios' by @ momocashew on twitter



Confuzzled update:

Anyways, CFz was good, Met the friends. And by friends, I mean, we barely talk online but talk a lot each time we go to CFz. :P

Arrived on Friday "late" and was probably the most anti-social during that day, as it took a while for me to get into the con spirit. As by the end of the day, I was in the Games Room and play a Solitaire game I brought called Sylvion. I'm such a loser. I played King of New York before that with some random furs. But still... Meh evening. ^^;

Although following the bromance of LaVojeto and ValdisFox ValdisFox for the rest of the con definitely allowed my furry trash true feelings to break out and flourish. Had so much fun. ^^ along with talking with thexiled , ShadowHunter777 , JBTisegg , and finally DawnyFawnyDeer ^^

Oddly, I only saw Strangey in suit, despite the fact I slightly know him because he added me on Telegram before anybody else did and talked a bit. Yet he's the one I still haven't seen or talk to out of suit. :P

Just seeing these guys being awesome throughout the con was such a treat. ^^ Vojeto, Strange, Dawny dancing; Valdis being an awesome guy and leading an event from the brink of destruction; Flux actually being an amazing guitarist; Joe and Vanato being supportive to everybody in the group. Wonderful, amazing, creative people, so glad they kept around a slightly old weirdo like me to witness it. ^^

Also, finally got to talk with nineleaves and Kunzai Kunzai a lot more since last year, and got to finally play Mice & Mystics like I promised to them last year. They are such wonderful people, I felt so ashamed that I couldn't talk with them more since they were only there for the weekend and could only play one session of Mice and Mystics. I can only hope to meet up with them again at furmeets throughout the year. ^^ It's just refreshing to talk to furs similar to my age. ^^;

in addition, got to meet new furs like, Aiseka and Farniro and would love to talk to them more throughout the year. Also stopped being a wuss and talked to Erin again before I left. I just feel like I owe her a lot from helping with my Post Con Despression of last year, I really need to talk to her more. Such a wonderful and carefree Kitsune.

Anyway, this is a wordy mess, so apologies if there's any typos.

Goals for next year:

Get my partner along officially this year. (He couldn't make it this year, due to bad planning on his part)
Fursuit? (officially this time) got enough saved up now, and being peer pressured by a certain fox. :P

And Work on art or a talent.

Mainly because after last year, I really felt out of place, and I honestly thought I would never go to a con again last year, it was my final attempt at seeing if the furry fandom was really for me, or I would just lurk on the side lines for the rest of my life. But actually seeing people with potential in this fandom such as Vojeto, Valdis, Flux, Dawny, Kunzai etc. I finally realise that there was always room for people like me in this fandom... and I really appreciate everyone I met at CFz to finally help me realise this. And... I am really grateful... You guys rock.

So... I want to dedicate the rest of the year to animating again, after getting depressed from almost failing university and giving up on animation last year.
Wanting to dance again after giving up on it when I got stage fright 5 years ago and never dancing again.
And getting back into fiddling around on the guitar, it would help my animation ideas so much, I just love song creation and idly strumming on the guitar, and me giving up on the guitar only because I have bad memories of my old friends and the band shouldn't effect my passion.

But most importantly, focusing on something. Instead of relying on my jack of all trades ideology I live by and take my ideas step by step. So at the moment, just finding the time to draw. :P

And that's pretty much it for today. I'll update art soon, I promise. ^^

Weekly Music for 2016/06/05


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