Life update/changes - Going back to 2nd shift. by sirkain

I volunteered/requested to go back to 2nd shift, after not being on it since early 2010 because some of my depression/apathy issues spawns from having to get up so early for work. When I first got the shift I thought it would be great and I'd adjust... I never did. And the benefits of getting off before 4pm now aren't really that great for me as I don't have friends to constantly hang out with or have dinner with I used to then. So no reason to keep that shift.

What this will mean for artists I commission is I may miss a good chunk of your streams, or be tougher to be around when you are if you need me to look at something. I know we can make stuff work out, but that's really the only drawback I see to the shift change. My weekends are still free though for whatever.

So this means I'll be waking up around 12pm-1pm EST M-F, get home from work between 12:30am to 1am depending on if i have to stay late. Stay up till 4-5am and get a good solid 7 or more hours of sleep. Something I REALLY needed more of on a consistent basis.

It may change how i have had lack of drive to wanna doodle since January too. Only one way to find out eh?

On a different subject, If any wanted to know when I host stuff either at my pad or go camping etc. I made a group at:

Sure beats using my email mailing list I used to do those on for a couple decades.

Life update/changes - Going back to 2nd shift.


3 June 2016 at 13:15:54 MDT

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