"The Linen Butterfly" concerns by Threetails

I'm concerned that the story, even without the many digressions found in the original "Goldenlea" story, will be too long for Furplanet.

Realistically, it could break 150,000 words easily. This is considering the original "Goldenlea" text is about 98,000 words and the original "Butterfly" text is about 68,000.

Also, even though I'm writing at least a few paragraphs a night, the project is way behind schedule. I wanted to have it out in 2014! Now it's looking like 2017. I wonder, will anyone care about it by then? I feel like I'm trying everyone's patience with this.

Finally, I have a very real worry that I may be losing my ability to write. My drafts are sloppier and my concentration just isn't what it used to be. I feel like my language skills are slipping too. Still not convinced that I'm not slowly losing my mind to some cruel neurological disease that is sub-clinical for now but feels like it's worsening.

This might be the project that marks my exit from furry novel writing for the simple fact that I'll have taken too long and produced something that nobody will read, publish, or care about. And any hope of a recovery might be stopped by my continued slide into what appears to be some sort of dementia.

I wonder at what point I should call the whole thing kaput.

"The Linen Butterfly" concerns


3 June 2016 at 05:43:12 MDT

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    150k words, that's a respectable size for a novel.

    You could serialize in three or four large novella size chunks.

    Also: The Linen Butterfly is an awesome title.