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My First Journal, May and For The Most Part I'm Happy by bucky_agamemnon

This is my first Journal here. I decided can to open an account because I wanted a couple of other places to show off my art other than just on FA. From the looks of it, it seems to be starting off a little slow, and it will be a few day to a few weeks before I get everything thing else set up. As for the rest of this journal entry, it's just my end of month report.

I can't believe that today is the last day of May, and a strange one at that. It was not a very hot month, usually it's in the high 90s most of the days, and I actually had the run the heaters a few times. It's also been very wet to the point that it's causing major flooding in many parts of Texas. The with having Three major appliances crap out on me forcing to spend over 3K. So I'm glad that it's over. β€œCan't remember, did I have a vacation this month?” Wait that was last month.

With June starting tomorrow it means the start of the fawning season. This year I'm prepared for just in case we have to rescue one with the colostrum and kid milk. It also means I have to once again stock up on nini rags. I also hoping to start a Patron account for both photos of the deer project and art. The problem that I have, it's still like pulling teeth when it comes to trying to find help setting up a page.

This also marks the one year anniversary of that miserable hell that I had to go through when I was on that medical that pushed me over the edge. During that time. I got to know some people better, like some who were my friends side stepped when I needed help. Trying to go out on a date was like interviewing for a job, or playing some sort head trip like Silver-Twink did. Then again Tacoma tried to pull the same shit, but it didn't bother me too much other that he whoo me for some free art. He's immature and still has a lot of growing up to do, and one day he's going to learn that not everything is some sort of Rah-Rah life. Then again I knew someone trying to be a Sugar Daddy on a Taco Bell budget.

Yes I feel lonely at times craving a mate, and I know it's hard finding one especially as old as I am, when I living with a roommate and living so far out in redneck-villie Texas. Two hours away form Abilene, and Fort Worth makes it kind of hard especially when I work such a BS screwie schedule. I know I'm up to my eyeballs in debt, but I seems to happen when being a property owner. For the most part, I am happy. Yes I would like to make it to more cons, and maybe someday it will happen along with finding love. Maybe not having a furry party life every weekend isn't for me, but at times it would be nice.

My First Journal, May and For The Most Part I'm Happy


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    Yeah, it kind of looks good that FA had their little fiasco, at least it's allowing for sites to compete and that benefits furs in general.

    Ah, so the fawns are gonna be coming around in June/July time?~