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Furlandia 2016 Report! by Sixel

Hey Guys

I had a blast this weekend in Portland!

West and I took the train down, a very good experience overall, my suitcase wasn't taken off the train in Tacoma, korat drove us the rest of the way and we were able to grab my suit case pretty easily at the Portland station. Guys I can't stress how much I appreciated that train, you can sleep or work on it, and if you buy your ticket a bit in advance it's basically the cost of gas. I will definitely utilize this mode of travel for future trips down.

We arrived Friday evening, registered and settled down for a low key night. Unfortunately for west she got a bad case of food poisoning (something she ate before the trip began) and it hit hard middle of the night, and was out for the rest of the weekend. A huge thank you to Portland's ambulance, hospital and pharmacy workers for showing us such kindness, we were blown away by your compassion.

Still had a great time, fulfilled all my con objectives, sitting down to art jam for a bit and seeing the dance comp (had to leave right as the last dancer finished to catch my train back but I hear there was some awesome news - two dancers got engaged) so thank you Furlandia Furlandia for being such a great con, I make it my goal to attend next year again :>

Furlandia 2016 Report!


30 May 2016 at 21:20:05 MDT

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    Oh I was there. I had no idea you were there! Would have been neat to meet you. Are you from Canada?

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      Yep, just up the coast in Vancouver BC. I'll do my best to be there next year :>

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        Cool! Maybe we will cross paths. I'm from Ohio and am actually hoping to move to Vancouver sometime. Does it make a nice home? Lol

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          I think so but living in the city is super expensive unless you have a bunch of roomates, technically I live about 40min from downtown by transit, still pricey but much nicer. Downtown has so many cool places to go, it's nice even living remotely lose to :>

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            Yeah I would most definitely have to be out of town a bit to save on the price. Hopefully I can go to VancouFur next year and maybe slope out some possible living areas. If you know any places/towns/apartments you'd recommend please let me know!

            But meanwhile I have to do the fun part of saving, and also tackling the transition from USA to Canada if Canada will have me lol (and of course my husband! )