can't catch a break~ EMERGENCY by Forgess


My tablet died, and I have a commission to finish!


What do you currently use? What do you recommend? Mine is a little outdated..... from 2005-2006 Wacom Intuos3.
Help me shop!

Also, on that end, what would you guys prefer to purchase from me?
Digital art? (MY roommate is lending me her ENORMOUS 9x12, which I need something that at least travels in a backback, this thing is CHUNKY)
Or Traditional art?

Thank you all!

can't catch a break~ EMERGENCY


25 May 2016 at 07:12:41 MDT

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    Eek good luck! Sadly I don't know much on tablets, hah. I'm a fan of your digital art, myself, but your traditional (and of course your costume work) is wonderful too!

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    The new intuos entry-level tablets run ~$100 (at least at Best Buy) and are pretty good. You could probably buy one with payment for a single commission. I keep my bamboo touch around as backup.

    If you want more tablet... Huion makes some very good non-wacom tablets for cheaper, and even has a sub-$1000 cintiq alternative.

    I currently use a Surface Pro 3 as my art machine, but the Bamboo/Intuos has always been good enough for my purposes. The Huion and Monoprice tablets I have not used but hear very good things about, and they are far cheaper.

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    I love the speed of digital art delivery. Real media lined sketches I adore as you can see the working process.

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    I just got one of the newer intuos tablets. Medium size is super paper light and travels well. Has the same pressure sensitivity as my old ass cintiq12wx. If you want a screen..a surface pro is what I see digital art young folks folks using.

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    i use monoprice, it's cheap and i've had it for 3 to 4 years and it's still going strong. only thing i've had to replace was the pen. ONCE. xD
    it's got damn fabulous pen pressure.

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    I use an Intuos 4, not exactly the latest. But I would recommend the Intuos Pro. My sister has one, so I've gotten to use it a time or two. It is pretty much like mine and I love my tablet. (I'll be honest though I like mine better in terms of overall design, but that is more personal preference.) So I highly recommend it. Comes in different sizes.

    I've heard Huron is good (never used one myself, though). Major difference from Wacom being that the pens are battery operated, but rechargeable. I've heard the charge last a long time. So if that is not an issue, then probably good way to good. Also it is a cheaper option. Also here is a first impression video from another artist I follow, about the Huion Giano WH1409. Not sure how helpful it will be to you, but I found it very informative.

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    I'd like to see more traditional art from you! :3