iron artist commissions? by obliviousally

I want to get myself drawing more and discipline myself to do it more regurarly. So I was thinking of doing iron artist sketch commissions (much like or for $25 each. I want to aim to do four a week, since those are the days I'm home from work early and have the afternoon to myself for a couple hours.

I figure the biggest hurdle I face when drawing is actually getting something down on paper. Doing sketches is both easy and relatively fun and means I don't have to spend a ton of time also inking and coloring something and getting caught up in all the additional work that I think has been stressing me out.

I have one badge commission to complete - which I'll be doing this weekend (or getting it past the rough sketch stage, at least!!) and if there's interest in these (i'll probably aim to do 100 total, but not within the same timeframe that a traditional iron artist is done), I'll set up a google form for people to request them!

iron artist commissions?


25 May 2016 at 07:12:18 MDT

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    Go for it! I'd grab a few!

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      Nice! Your characters are always pretty interesting, too, tbh. I'm hoping other folks are interested cause I'd like to try and pay off a chunk of my credit card before Anthrocon and I figure something like this kills two birds with one stone (getting me to draw more and paying off some debt).