I deleted my FA so now I am on WZL by anjel

I finally deleted my entire gallery and disabled my user page on FA. The site's security liabilities alone were enough of a reason for me to leave but I also don't care to give that site anymore of my time or energy. So I'm going to be on here for my main furry art site from here on out! Going to start faving and commenting more so I can build a better rapport on here.

I deleted my FA so now I am on WZL


24 May 2016 at 11:31:34 MDT

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    Great! Hi! Welcome!

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      Thank you !! Glad to be here

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    The community is just starting to find itself here, but I think FA finally goofed hard enough to get enough people to move to have a chance of creating a whole new one somewhere else. It might not be as big, but every person no longer helping out FA is more than welcome!

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      That's what I'm hoping. For a while I had a hatd time getting any sort of feed back or rapport on here but hopefully the final FA calamity will spurn more ppl to actively take part on this site

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      Yay marten friend is here <3

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    Yay, more people on Weasyl! :D