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Hiya Weasyls :) by sallyhot

I know I don't come around these parts very often, but I'm gonna try to make more of an effort to upload to here from now on. ^^ I've always really liked it here, the layout of the site is gorgeous for sure, it just seemed a little slow at the start, but since Furaffinity keeps getting attacked I reckon I need to branch out a lot more and help to get some of these other communities goin a little better. :) So expect to see me around a lot more, starting with a few little updates I've made today for ya'll. ^^

Also, If ya dig the work that I do, consider helping to support me and other great artists such as myself here at our Team Acorn Patreon! We do all kinds of stuff from pinups to comics to short animations and time lapse art videos, so check it out sometime, every little bit goes towards helping us stay alive so we can make more great stuff for ya! :)

Thanx for reading, catch ya'll again soon! :)

Hiya Weasyls :)


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    welcome :3

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    To cook a good steak you need to let it marinate for a while, same thing with new sites, keep cooking and the aroma will certainly arouse the neighbors. =+}