Secret in...the city of Townsville? by CCritt93

This morning, after my sleep was interrupted by a passing shower, I dreamed I was watching the new Powerpuff Girls series.

A human character—I don’t think he was the villain of the episode—blurted that he wanted to be a squirrel. There was a zap to white, and then the next scene was street level outside a downtown building. I was like, “Oh, you asked for it, dude.” Some familiar music played . . . and from around the corner of the building, out walked Secret.

A couple of scenes later, a car approached with Little Dog sticking his head out the passenger window. After Little Dog and the car passed out of the shot, Secret appeared again, this time walking with Morocco on the sidewalk.

At the time I thought how cool it was that they were showing up in Townsville.

After I woke I thought how rare it was to see ’90s-model Secret and Morocco in a human universe.

Secret in...the city of Townsville?


12 May 2016 at 10:26:23 MDT

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