FurBQ 2016 : Rained Out and Rescheduled by socalfurs

Sadly for the first time in 18 years, The Official SoCalFurs FurBQ was Rained Out. We had gotten to our designated Group area right at 6AM, Right where the major downpour had just started.

Mud mud, everywhere!!

We scouted the area, and noted the amount of mud that was accumulating all around the table areas. Compared to last and other years where we had morning moisture, This was Far worse, as in the past it had been Moist, but not Wet.

The decision was made to talk with the Park Rangers about a Reschedule. Fortunately the Ranger we spoke to had known about who we were and has seen the Fursuits we normally present, and she agreed with us that those aren’t really designed to be tromping around in the mud. She brought up the schedule of available dates, and they were mostly in August and September. Knowing how hot August tends to be, we chose September 17th.

More information is available from Stego's post here: http://www.socalfurs.com/furbq-becomes-mud-bq-rained-out-and-rescheduled/

FurBQ 2016 : Rained Out and Rescheduled


8 May 2016 at 09:54:59 MDT

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