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Now Active on TUMBLR! Please follow me there as well! by CombatRaccoon

Hey Weasyl watchers! Hope your day is going well! :D

I now have an active TUMBLR for my artwork! It is SFW only, in the future I will make a separate adult-oriented art tumblr.

Please follow me on there for 3 updates every day! I will be also be posting WIPs and other exclusive art there that isn't quite finished enough to go on my weasyl or FA galleries. :)

Thanks for reading!

Now Active on TUMBLR! Please follow me there as well!


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    I was actually just discussing tumblr in a journal recently :B

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      Oh yea I just saw that! Well no worries, I am still active here as well as FA. :) I am just trying to expand to different sites to reach new people with my art is all. Tumblr's queue-posting system makes it easy for me to mass upload tons of artwork throughout the week at set times, although it doesn't have the same community interaction that FA or weasyl has.

      Thank you for commenting! <3

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        No problem! And no shame in expanding one's fanbase. It's pretty normal to see artists posting in a bajillion locations while focusing on one or two mains. ^^