My Absence was Due to Medical Stuff by Savvy-Cat

Tried to fit it in the title so nobody has to read this pile of text if they don't want to.

So early on in March, my boyfriend developed a medical issue (that I'm not sure he wants disclosed here). It's fairly serious, but is curable, so we've been working through the process of getting everything set up so it's fixed. I've been pretty overwhelmed by the situation and haven't drawn much of anything, nor paid any mind to my regular social circles. I'm pretty sorry about that, and I miss all you guys.

Anyway, we're doing well. There are a couple more steps to this, depending on what routes we choose to go, but in the meantime, I'm back. Pretty much.

How are YOU? What did I miss? What mean things were done to you on April Fool's? :o Did you vomit after St. Patrick's Day? Talk to me, stranger!

My Absence was Due to Medical Stuff


20 April 2016 at 16:36:55 MDT

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    Hope everything works out for you and your partner!
    I actually didn't get tricked on April fools and I didn't drink on St. Paddy's :B
    Not really sure what you missed, honestly xD I have been rather inactive myself until more recently. (RIP Prince and Chyna, though) u3u