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April Showers! new realizations about art, and getting back on track by LycheeMonster

hey, im just trying to check in more often! weekly check-ins are something i need to do to keep me on track regularly, so that my projects and assignments don't build up and snowball. ~small steps!~ i'm going to upload sketchbook pages here this coming week. i'm drawing nearly every day, even if its just a scribble. woo!

i found out something decently interesting: looking at others art helps me get motivated to make my own! and i had the mentality that i should only be working, not looking or browsing, but I forgot about the brain work that goes on. work isn't so simple. there's more to art than what the hand does, and with school i've learned this lesson harder than ever. no matter how tight my line work is, if there's no substance behind it it will not communicate what i want! there's so much more to consider before making marks on a medium than i had thought previously. all that had been guiding me whether i knew it or not, and cutting out access to viewing changed how i thought about my own art. that was stark to learn. when i didn't check regularly about other people's work, i did less of my own. it really brought to light how important accessing community is to individual mental models. facilitating and setting up the environment around you is just as important as doing the work by yourself.

my art and projects need a better artist behind them, a better worker to fuel the fire. my current quest is to organize and plan my work tighter and tighter!! just normal struggles i guess, i'm in my early twenties and i get a lot of feedback from others that it's okay to not have it all together, and its okay if you're not quite getting it right.

i'm in a weekend class that operates in huge class time chunks, with ample flexible time during the week to organize my own work sessions. i've also caught up with many friends and made new ones and have been trying to find my own place in the world outside institutions. all in all, its been challenging to figure out where i currently stand in the world!

i guess i'm standing on a surfboard with the constant changing and moving waves underneath me! trying my best to not wipe out ^^

April Showers! new realizations about art, and getting back on track


16 April 2016 at 14:29:45 MDT

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    I'm the same way as you! I watch a tonnnn of people on FA, so I can't always look at everything, but I find it helps me get into the mood to draw my own stuff if I spend a few minutes looking at things others have created first. :) It's also relaxing!

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      i used to do it compulsively but i guess i've filled that spot in my life with exercise, chores and cooking real meals for myself ^^; i've really cut down on my computer time in the last year.

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        Yep, same. XD I moved in with my boyfriend, who has 2 kids, so there's not a lot of time to do much that's not helping with them/the house and working! I do make time to exercise most days though.

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          but congrats on moving in with the boyf!

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    You got this home slice! I'm glad to see you readjusting to everything!

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      it's like looking back around at the world again after a month in a cave

      except every morning when I wake up, again and again, and every time it ain't any smoother to realize.

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        It sounds like it's getting at least marginally smoother to realize? o:

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          i hope so! i have no idea where the line is between 'getting smoother' and 'dealing with' shit. in some ways, im more disturbed than ever, but can now be okay while being perpetually disturbed. or something.

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            It may be the painfully optimistic part of me, but it sounds to me like things are getting smoother for ya~ :D