PLEASE READ!!! Important Update by sanctumpolis

A few people have asked us to clarify exactly what is going on behind the scenes here at Quadrangle Games, so we decided to tackle that large topic.

• Our artists are on standby, but no assets will be made until further funding.
• Though many have been generous, we haven’t come close to what we need.
• SP isn’t cancelled, but our focus is to gain investor interest through other means.

Our Kickstarter in 2014 did not meet goal, which means that we didn’t get any of that funding. The generous donations of a few PayPal contributors kept us going for a bit, but that was not even an eighth of the cost to complete our game. We made as many assets as we could, but many on our team left due to lack of funds. Our low cost on Kickstarter was due to discounts these artists had given before they left. Unable to afford new artists, we had to go to find investors.

We are not canceling the project, but we do need to go on a hiatus in order to focus on revamping the Sanctum Polis universe. Some major changes need to be made in order to appeal to investors. This is why we have mentioned our focus on the SP novel on social media, which costs us nothing for now. Content on our website is outdated until our revamp. The comic and lore will continue throughout the summer, and we are here if you have any questions.

We hope for your understanding and continued support. We have been revealing this over time, but decided it was better to simply state this to avoid any misunderstanding. Thank you for those of you who stick by us. We will not give up.

PLEASE READ!!! Important Update


8 April 2016 at 12:59:28 MDT

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    Good luck

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    hope stuff works out soon. y'all are working toward a nice project, so i hope it'll get to see life once time and funding permit.

    keep your heads up and keep pressing onward when/as ya can in the meantime. :)