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Switching Gears by Kittrel

I'm closing commissions for now. I may be able to do some small things here and there, please feel free to ask me about it, worst that can happen is I will politely decline. :)

Since January I've been trying to find a self-employment niche for myself and it seems like drawing isn't quite it. I've been doing more sewing and crafting though and will be opening an Etsy shop very soon! Keep an eye out for a journal update here :) I think it suits me better - I feel better doing it (less stressed, more structured) and I hope I can make it work for me! I have quite a ways to go, but good ideas, and I know I have the skill and support I need, so ONWARDS!

(And no, I'm not giving up drawing, I could never do that! Will just be more stuff for me and more widely spaced out)

Switching Gears


30 March 2016 at 14:53:21 MDT

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    Oh yeah, and things like the customizable premades (icons, heart cuties, telegram sticker sets) will still be open forever, because they don't take too much out of me and are relatively simple and straightforward projects. If I can get it done in a day, that's cool. The drawings that take forever, completely from scratch, new ideas for every one (like, REAL art) are the ones that are messing with my head XD And maybe one day I will get there and be able to go back to that! But I'm not going to force it on myself, it's not good for me or my customers. I feel bad I've kept people waiting because my brain isn't in the right space for drawing. I don't want to do that to people. Quit while you're ahead! (Or at least not too far behind lol)