Wii U get, more firearms get. by sirkain

Was a very good, fun Easter Sunday. Spent most of the afternoon at my best friends parent's house with them and almost all of my high school group of best friends. The father was cool with my offer on the two firearms he was wanting to sell, so I walked away with both of those tonight.

And when I got home my Wii U arrived in the mail, so been setting that up. I got Pokken Tournament, Smash and Splatoon. Nintendo ID is sirkain, but keep in mind i am a n00b to the system and all those games at the same time heh. SO dont expect me to be worth competing with for a while.

My tournament controller is still on order, but i got the pokken one that should make doing moves for it a lot easier than using the bulky default Wii U game pad thing.

Wii U get, more firearms get.


27 March 2016 at 21:23:52 MDT

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