Ye Gods, Life Is Weird by KarouWS

Working on a novel, and doing research into Noble Lords ..

Feudalism is really screwed up .. Tho, I can see how it worked at the time.

Rules for becoming a Lord .. and how it shifted and mutated over the years.

Tho, if anyone has sources I haven't found in the Library or through Google, I'll gladly add it to my growing list of sources.

Also trying to create a Magical system that isn't directly based on or too similar to an already published system .. Now I can understand why most authors who use magic are vague in the exact mechanics; or have a massive outline detailing, at least for them, the basics of the system they're using.

If I wasn't already greying. this research would be causing me to go grey.

That, plus dealing with Unemployment ... ... ... ...

If you do try communicating with me, I'm likely to be exceedingly moody, don't take it personally.

Especially since I'm opening the queue for taking Commissions, and will be streaming in the near future.

Ye Gods, Life Is Weird


15 March 2016 at 19:32:31 MDT

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