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Back from Abando! by Zeta-Haru

Hello there! I'm back from the 9 days I was spending in São Paulo!

I really wanted to make like a recap of what I did in each day but so many things happened, so many people that I talked to and saw, oh gawd... falls on my bed

I just wanted to write this to let you know I'm home again and ready to work get back to work. Also that I had a blast while I was there, it was so tiring for my body because I'm not used to going out so often but it was sooo good!
I loved to spend this time irl with my boyfriend, to talk to our friends face to face and meet a few fans here and there, someone even wanted my signature! (whaaat) Haha ;w; I'm almost sure I gave a good hug to every fan that came to talk to me directly while I was there.

I also met Tempe O'Kun at Abando! @tempo321 It was good meeting him, it was also the first english speaker that I talked face to face haha, it was so embarassing ;w; my english skillz were gone because I was very nervous most of the time. He signed Nordguard the card game and my conbook :3 He also brought a ton of furry Magic The Gathering cards to give away for free! There was a small tournament and I got to learn how to play at that day and it's an interesting card game! Thank you for the cards again if you're reading this, Tempo. :3

Sadly it was the last edition of Abando... I only went to this one and the last year's but it already had such an impact on me and even on my personality, the way I see the world, that... I ended up crying so much in the last day because of how much I will miss Abando and how much it helped me and many others, how thankful I was for being part of it.
(Here is something I asked from a friend who worked in the staff xD also, sorry for crying on your shoulder lol

I got to buy some shirts and a few other things while I was at the city, but most of them were related to League of Legends haha, it was nice, we also got to ride a train and uber for the first time!

Thanks for caring, thanks for the tweets wishing we had a good time and enjoyed the events! I already read and replied most of the messages before posting this journal and I'll slowly get used to the old routine :3 I might post a few pictures I took while I was there but most of them I want to keep for myself >w<

Keep an eye for updates and I'll see you next time!

Back from Abando!


15 February 2016 at 10:39:16 MST

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