The Creative Community: Trying Something New by socalfurs

While SoCalFurs has worked to promote events organized by and in the Southern California area, we would like to experiment with something which we believe is long overdue.

For long time members of the furry fandom, you might remember the simple HTML page that began life for our domain. This simple webspace has always been mainly about displaying info on upcoming events. In the 10+ years since we took over from Dark Fox, we only touched on the inherent need to provide a way to showcase and connect with our talented fandom creatives. Since those days, furry fandom has grown exponentially. With that, comes no shortage of accomplished creative furries who sell works of art and/or services for personalized art.

Our goal is to create a directory for helping people locate local artists to commission. From traditional sketches to full on 3D art and costumes, the subculture is filled with inspiring visions of anthropomorphics. Strictly for furries in Southern California, we have created a form for you guys to submit your furry/anthro based website which displays your portfolio and/or info for those who take custom/personal commissions.

The form can be seen here:

This listing will be a work in progress. We also want to hear from our community so feel free to contact us via our website to make suggestions about this new project.

The Creative Community: Trying Something New


14 February 2016 at 12:51:47 MST

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