I'm new here. by PrivateDoomsday

I know that I'm new to this website, but by moments, I shall post some of my old art, onto this site, also.

I also intend, to appeal towards a wider audience, when it comes to art.

I am not doing adoptables or YCH commissions, (at least not yet, for this site) but rather, I am in fact, replacing DeviantArt with this site. Let's just say I feel more welcome, here; nuff' said.

Lastly, I am KEEPING MY ART, STRICTLY CLEAN. (No harassment, real-life threats, or other dirty content, shall be supported, within my works. My true intent? To draw pics out, without having to do anything dirty. And to be honest, I am NOT making my art anywhere BEYOND PG-13.

Finally, I don't mean to be rude, or mean, but I don't draw YAOI or YURI; it's not my style, is all. But it doesn't mean you can use bases of mine, for that kinda purpose! Just keep it clean.

I'm here, to show my talents!

I'm new here.


9 February 2016 at 17:24:11 MST

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