A Parody is not a Rip-Off by wakeangel2001

So, some guy on the youtube made the incredibly original and brand new observation that Supersonic is similar to a Super Sayan from Dragonball Z, and on my latest custom video for Zonic the Zone cop he said that the writers for the comic didn't have any original ideas so they ripped off Sailor Moon, the Gatchamen, Godzilla, etc. When I pointed out these were intentional parodies and homages that they never TRIED to pass off as original ideas he used the old "opinion shield." You know, where you claim that your argument can't be wrong because it's your opinion and not an objective fact. Now, I have no idea how old this guy is, but if you're going to use one of MY videos as a platform to spew anti-Sonic rhetoric, you are going to have to DEAL. WITH. ME. So I cut down his argument with this comment:

"Dragonball Z didn't invent the concept of the golden hero, in fact Dragonball itself isn't even an original idea, it's based off the Chinese fable "Journey to the West" which was about Son Goku, the monkey king. Also, that "opinion shield" doesn't work against a jaded 30 year old like me whose been using the internet for half his life. Saying "it's my opinion" translates into "I have no real way to defend my idea."

Besides that, you're not even attacking the right subject, your initial argument was that the parodies were rip-offs for not being original ideas (btw, "original parody" is an oxymoron) then you brought up the tired old "Supersonic Supersayan" canard which has nothing to do with this video. This is a video about Zonic the Zone cop and by extension all of the elseworld and parody stories he was involved in (none of which were DBZ related for the record.)

Finally, EVERYTHING takes inspiration from other things, that's where ideas come from. Would you declare Steven Universe a DBZ knock off for introducing the idea of 2 people fusing into one by doing a dance? While we're hitting this subject at the peak of relevancy perhaps you'd like to write an essay about how the Flintsones was just an animated version of the Honeymooners? Or maybe how every family sitcom ever is some variant of Leave it to Beaver? OH! How about the tired old trope where every cartoon ever eventually does a story based off a public domain fable or fairy tale such as Snow White (which Sonic did btw, in issue 50 Sonic got Sally out of a coma by kissing her) or a classic movie franchise like Dracula, Frankenstein, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, the Wizard of Oz, or tons of other examples. Maybe you'd like to point out how Star Wars just took a bunch of western adventure tropes, combined it with the hero's journey archetype, and set it all in space to become the biggest franchise in film history?"

I don't want to feel like I'm presenting him in an overly negative light, so if you want to see the whole conversation in context check the comments of my Zonic custom video. I don't erase or censor any comments I get unless they have someone's personal information. I hope I managed to articulate my argument intelligently while letting him know that stuff actually existed before Dragonball Z, and I taught him a lesson in getting into arguments with people on the internet and insulting the things they hold dear.

A Parody is not a Rip-Off


5 February 2016 at 01:21:46 MST

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