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Abando 2016 (Life Update) by Zeta-Haru

Hello once again! I was waiting for the right day to write this life update journal for you, so let's do it~

I'm going to take a plane tomorrow, I'll be flying to São Paulo for the fur event called Abando, which is like a 4 day camp, I went there last year some of you might remember. Sadly, it's the last edition of the event, they have decided to discontinue and it's a long story, took me some time to accept it, because it was the place where I could meet with my boyfriend for a week and enjoy a trip at the same time... I hope people make a new fur event for the country because Abando was apparently the biggest, for now we are left with local 1 day furmeets.
Well, I hope this all ends up inspiring me somehow so I can get back home with a lot of energy to spend on art. Talking about that, it's been a year since I've seen bf ;-; prepare for cuddles mr.

I'll be spending around 9 days there with him, and I'll see a few friends there too :3 which is nice.

In the past month I finished Hitman:Absolution and I really liked the game, I got back to playing The King of Fighters with my boyfriend and it's been fun, played a bit of League of Legends here and there and that was my fyn, things were good and that was my way for relaxing that month :3

About the Patreon sketch raffles that I do:

  • I will be giving 2 free sketches instead of 1 now, there will be 2 winners every month. That decision was made to compensate previous sketch raffles that were refused by the winner or the winner never replied to the private message sent.

  • In the future I will be changing this sketch raffle system to one where they are given after a person completes X months of support, or contributes with X total amount of money. But I gotta work on a system where it's fair and I also don't have to make 120 sketches bi-monthly, that would be crazy xD So I'll give it time before the new idea is good and working.

I'm almost finished with the commission batch I need to work on, I will be able to finish them once I'm back from Abando, I'll be making the Weekend 2 comic pages in between them. And I noticed that this really slows down the pages D: I have decided to delay the next opening of commissions, and I don't know when I will be opening again. I want to focus on completing the second chapter of the Weekend 2 before taking any new responsabilities like commissions to deliver. I hope you understand.

Thanks for reading, and supporting if you do. I will see you again when I come back! Love you all :3

Abando 2016 (Life Update)


4 February 2016 at 12:25:30 MST

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