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Outage! by Pandactyle

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry I've been gone for a bit!
There was a power outage in most of our apartment complex...and they couldn't figure it out for a bit.

Luckily, most of my work was saved when the computer shut off in my face! (YEEEEEEYYY!) ;A;

How is everyone though?

2016 has started out rough...

Please don't hesitate to add more Q's to the Tales of Heart Gold Q/A thing!




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    Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to your comic!

    2016 has been on and off for me so far. Trying to do all my clinical shadowing for my PTA degree before winter break ends (25th), offices have the worst habit about never actually calling back. I had a bit of a power outage, luckily not long, when a transformer exploded a few hundred feet from my window!

    Hope your year starts getting better!

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      I have 3 pages that only need word bubbles! I'm so happy they weren't lost in the power outage!

      Ahh, the medical field with their terrible phone stuff. Good luck with those guys!! Also, eesh! I'm glad your safe after that thing blew up so close!!

      It should be a little less crazy now that the power is back completely and powerball isnt the bane of my existence at work. Hehe

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    It bites that the power got knocked out, but 'tis good news that work wasn't lost to the void!

    The year has started decently -- been sick since the beginning of it all with only a slight cold. So, nothing to really complain about, but I wish this persistent thing would go already!

    Take care, and hopefully the winter holds it's harsh bite at bay for the rest of the season for you!

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      I know! I'm soooo happy that it didnt destroy everything! It was so weird because they would get half the power back and half gone and no power...stuff flickered on and off and it was creepy to say the least...

      Those colds are definitely persistent. Try to get some rest!! I know mucus is noooo fun. Blankets, soup, tea, and tissues to you!

      Winter needs to find something else to chew on!

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    How long was the outage? D: Yay for successfully not losing anything :)

    Things are fine, we also started off the year with everyone being sick (nothing major, just bad colds/minor flus) but everything has been either contented or pretty good. Hope things smoothe out for you soon :)

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      It took a good while. I mean, all of it completely was out for a full 8-12 hours...but what was weird was they got half of it working and flickering so often. I thought I was going to go crazy. (Especially when the computer shut off and started flickering in my face and 2 minutes later my brothers started flickering!)

      At least the sicknesses weren't too bad! I know those things can be terrible, and the weather this year probably didn't help!

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        Our seasons are shifting and the weather has been "weird" (ie not like how it was when our parents were young) for the last decade or so now so I'm not sure if it should still count as "weird" XD It's probably also "weird" for a lot of people here as Australia seems to have 5-6 seasons (depending on where you are) but because the Europeans brought their idea of seasons with them and then they got attributed to calendar months (because the planet cares about such things) that's what we got officially stuck with and everyone freaks out because it was a clumsy fit to begin with and is rather falling apart now :)

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          Here, in the US, there were huuuge weather changes from our usual season due to a hurricane that happens once every 40 or so years. It's just now getting cold, when it's usually been cold for months by this point.

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            Where I come from on the other side of the world we probably get the alter to that which reverses the wet and dry seasons and confuses the hell out of the poor animals who do things seasonally :)

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              Those poor animals!
              Though...the ones here are pretty confused, too.
              It finally started snowing and there are still robins out...a spring bird, usually...

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                Oops poor robins :S

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                  They fluff up all angry....

                  and the squirrels are so fat. xD