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Patreon Account / Upload Resolution Changes by HornsNTail

Hell-yo peeps.

Patreon account is created. I'm currently trying to learn more about it.
I do like the idea of patronage and I think it give another way for my follower to support my artwork.
With this patronage in mind, I will make some changes in the upload resolution on how I submit artwork in all of my galleries.

Upload Resolution
regular : length 720p (~66% of original upload) <- including "commission" example
pantheon - patron (i) : width 720p (~original upload)
pantheon - patron (ii) : width 1080p (150% of original upload)<- size for new commission

all images I uploaded before this journal will remain the same.

Patreon Account / Upload Resolution Changes


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    Is this Patreon going to involve certain content being locked to the campaign or will it still be available elsewhere after a set time? Sorry to hit you with the question as you set it up, but I'm just curious.

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      So far I come up with this...

      I will upload my artwork in :

      • Regular gallery (Weasyl, Tumblr, Y!Gal, Fur Affinity, etc) with length (the longer side) set to 720 pixels. (~66% from my regular size)
      • Pantheon Patron (~$ 3.00 / mo* ) with width (the shorter side) set to 720 pixel (which look like my regular upload resolution)
      • Pantheon Patron (~$ 5.00 / mo* ) with width (the shorter side) set to 1080 pixel (~150% - 50% LARGER from my regular upload)

      Those 720p / 1080p won't be release to public and will be exclusive to patron only.

      *price might change since I still finding the win-win price for us (patron and me).

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        Alright so, assuming I'm reading this right, you'll still be uploading everything to the normal galleries, just not at full resolution? I can get behind that for sure. Just wanted to be sure there wasn't going to be some paywall.

        Thank you for the reply and good luck with the campaign!

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          Thank you good sir/lady and you do read it right.
          I will still upload a slightly reduced resolution of my artwork to my regular galleries for my follower and public to enjoy.