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Az / Alpha Male / Part of me is sleeping deep down within your soul.

Everything is better with HORNS n TAIL, right?
Commissions: Open
Requests: Closed


[!] NSFW gallery [!]

Hell-yo good Sir/Lady and my follower
I'm Az, a freelancer illustrator or self-proclaimed as "a demon with He-ART"
Muscular male human and furry are the center of my artwork.
All characters drawn and artwork (c) me unless I specified.
"Everything is better with horns and tail."


Comm. : OPEN - Info || Trade : CLOSED || Request : CLOSED
[Y!] Y!Gallery - [T] Tumblr - [SF] So Furry - [FA] Fur Affinity - [P] Patreon

Friend request policy :
I only accept invitation from someone I know.
for ARTIST that I followed: You are welcome to send me a friend request.

Latest Journal

Patreon is ONLINE!

Hell yo peeps, my Patreon account is online now -

Please be aware due to Patreon exploit bug, you will get my artwork on the month you paid. Since the payment is due on the 1st of (next) month, then you will be able to get your artwork for the next month.

eg. if you sign the pledge on February 2016, you will be charged on March 1st 2016. Therefore you get all the March 2016 artworks (based on the pledge).

PS: you will be able to buy previous month artworks - coming soon.

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    Thanks for the watch, man. Also, "Alpha Male" gets a seal of approval. :D

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    Thanks so much for the watch! ^^ Hope you enjoy your stay ;)

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    Thanks for the watch.

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    Thanks, man!