I should do a commission or two again by MLR

Does anyone want anything drawn for them? I've technically been open for commissions this whole time, though I haven't advertised it a whole lot. I've got prices and other info on my profile page, which are always open to discussion.

I'm only bringing this back up now because I've recently had some obnoxious car-related issues that have sucked up a few hundred dollars, including getting sold the wrong battery by a Walmart employee, which went on to blow a fuse and cost me $65 for a tow and then another $100 for repairs (though luckily I was able to return the blown battery for a full refund, no questions asked).

To make this so much more exciting, I've been playing around with some different painting/shading techniques that I haven't showcased too much yet (although a first attempt at it can be seen in this image). Basically, I learned that things look nicer and smoother if you use the eyedropper tool a lot in combination with low-density brushes. So if you want to help me experiment more with that, please let me know.

I should do a commission or two again


6 January 2016 at 20:07:11 MST

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    Car troubles I find obnoxious and disappointing at every turn.

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      So tell all your friends to give me some brief extra employment.

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    I should totally commission you. The problem for me is always what. I am terrible with commission ideas.

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      Well if you think of something, let me know. Your last one was amusing and fun to do.

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        What's the best way to contact you about one?

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          I guess either PM me here, or if you still have my e-mail address, go ahead and send away there.