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Whelp, new year and another year on the calendar completed. Hopefully 2016 wont be such a hellish money pit and stress ball 2015 was for most of the year from the house damages.

As of now I am down to just one roommate here, and plan to not renew contracts for 2017 and stay renter free. I am not able to have friends live here and do business. I can do one or the other not both, so I just keep getting backwards vs forwards on stuff here at the house and finances, and damaging friendships in the process. I rather just stay renter free from now on.

The house repairs are basically done with a few items left to go. Able to use all the rooms and floors of the house again which has helped drop my stress levels and get my esteem/moods back up significantly. I plan to convert one or more of the now vacant rooms to be a gun room (gun safe/ammo/desk to clean and repair my guns), another for art stuff (art desk, storage, set to stream traditional and digital work I do). "Hobby rooms" so to speak.

For furry conventions I have rooms booked and registrations done for Texas Furry Fiesta, FurTheMore and Megaplex. I just need to get flights for two of the cons done once time off for them is approved. I don't see why any will get denied. Any other con is a no or a very slim chance I will hit.

As for me drawing, I do plan to draw more this year. Getting the house sorted and hobby rooms made will help a lot on that. Streaming whenever the mood hits and want company while playing my music I tend to listen too would help. Jamming with others locally and eventually online once get more comfy with doodling for more than an hour possibly.

Roomates, house, cons, art plans


4 January 2016 at 21:03:11 MST

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    Hope 2016 treats you well, good luck with the house stuff :3