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Lucy Mckane - Office Worker


19 March 2017 at 11:25:34 MDT

Lucy Mckane - Office Worker
149 lbs
Gray Wolf

Physical Description:

Lucy is a gray wolfess with a lighter fur color on her stomach. She often dresses conservatively when not wearing her business jacket and skirt.

Biographical Data:

Lucy McKane was born a typical lupine American family. Her father, Arthur McKane, served in the military with distinction until he was killed overseas during a tour of duty. Her mother, Sarah McKane, was an factory worker who found herself having to raise two pups on her own. Despite their father's death during their teenage years the McKane family found their lives to be comfortable and relatively happy.

Lucy's older brother entered the police academy and went into law enforcement while Lucy herself went into administrative work. She soon met a boyfriend and moved into his apartment for what seemed like a happy relationship. One day he took her out to dinner and informed her he was ending their relationship and that she needed to get out of their apartment. With nowhere else to go and completely unprepared for the sudden shift, she returned to her mother's home.

A few days later, while apartment hunting with her brother, she met a female rattlesnake. Tired of the rather odd folks she had met during her search for a home, she accepted the offer from the lady snake and moved in.

Personal Statement:

"My name is Lucy McKane. I consider myself a pretty worldly individual. I went to college, had a few trips here and there, but I never realized how much I didn't know until I met Kate Coyle. I'd never met anyone like her before that day.

I grew up in a fairly standard family, one sibling, my older brother. It was just us and my mom. Dad died when he was serving overseas. I remember the day they shipped his body home. A soldier came up to the door with a folded flag and my mother accepted it with a stoic nod. I knew she didn't want to cry in front of us, but I couldn't help it. My big brother, he always took care of us though, from that day forward. He didn't have to, but he always watched out for me and my mom. I kind of think that's why he became a cop, so he'd always be able to protect us.

Anyway I thought I had life wired. A good job, a nice house, a boyfriend who loved me. Only I didn't know at the time that he didn't really love me. He said he did, but the things he did and asked of me, you don't do to people you really care about. He said I was being childish when he told me in a restaurant full of people that our relationship was over. He told me to move out and that was that.

I fell apart after that. I moved back in with mom and I stayed in my old room. She kept it just the way it was when I lived there. A few days later my brother took me to find a new place. We met some seriously whacky people that day. One of them was some sort of a commune I think? Anyway, the safest option turned out to be a lady snake I met who seemed kind of normal. After the day I'd had, kind of normal was close enough.

I moved in, and the first night I came out of my room to get a snack and there she was, naked in the kitchen. I can tell this is going to get interesting..."

Character is   Laurenrivers
Art by   mysticsabreonic

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