Eavan "The Ren Fair Monster" species by: Hauket on DA by BlueNire

Eavan "The Ren Fair Monster" species by: Hauket on DA


9 February 2016 at 04:20:48 MST

Eavan "The Ren Fair Monster" species by: Hauket on DA
Sex: Intersex Gander: non-binary/genderfluid
18 hands at withers (6ft)
Much heavier than they look.
Ren Fair Monster

This is an additional character not my self-representation. (Yes I know my color/coat scheme is redundant. shhhh :P)
This art is by muah.

Name: Eavan
Species: Ren Fair Monster- CLOSED species by Hauket on DA
More about Ren Fair Monsters here!

ADDITIONAL NOTES not in image: So, I got tired of always drawing Nire by themselves all the time (remember all those lonely landscapes?!) So... I decided that Eavan hangs out, which was at first (from Eavan's perspective) for purely academic reasons, but turned into a genuine respect/appreciation for one another.

Nire's a passionate, emphathic creature and Eavan is more the counselor type.

aaand before you ask if they're lovers, the honest answer is (I don't know and I'm not sure if that's allowed (by hauket)? haha)

(additional info may be added because Eavan has another friend! -Another ren-fair! shhh can't say yet!)

I cannot tell you guys how absolutely THRILLED and fortunate I was to snag a spot to have the opportunity to have one of these gorgeous creatures! (I've been practically stalking poor Hauket for a good while now, and I have been saving up for a while for one! eee!) I totally jumped out of my chair and danced when I got the spot! These creatures... I just fell in absolute love with them and this reference took me FOREVER but it was definitely a labor of love!

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    Dang, your anatomy is on point! Such a good-looking fella! :D

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      !!!! OH MY GOSH THANK YOU!! THat means so much to me!! <3 <3 <# Can't wait to see yours finished! IT"S GOING TO BE MARVELOUS! :D

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    Really interesting specie ... and tall 0.o
    Kinda wondering over what kind of critter would be a titan or giant in your world, my character would really be a tiny person anyhow besides yours.

    Will be fun to see more cloths Eavan and interaction with Nire (and maybe some more critters from your world in the future :J )

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      You bring up a fantastic point!!
      Nire' is HUGE, so this creature was created so that they didn't dwarf next to Nire but yesh, I realize that compared to other creatures they would be massive!

      As far as why so big? Honestly It's kind of a personal thing. I am just a little bit taller than average but I'm larger around and growing up I was a huge kid so- always felt awkward and...huge compared to others so.. That's why! If you wondered haha (sorry if TMI!)

      Thank you thank you for your interest and support! I appreciate you greatly! :D

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        Well it is better than being below average in height and having trouble to reach most places.
        It does give a better understanding about your characters and a bit on yourself.