Marin Reed by keirajo

Marin Reed


28 August 2015 at 15:26:37 MDT

Marin Reed
35 (start of story)/55 (after final side-story)
6'5" (in human form)
dependent on form (heavier in wolf-form)
Seiran (shapechanging humanoid)

Character biography: A grade school teacher in Prime City on the planet Eden. Marin is a descendant of the legendary Huntress Saundi, of the Wolf Clan, from the planet Seirar. Once, long ago, all Seirans could transform into the animal of their Clan...but after being reclaimed by Earth, over time, most lost the ability to transform. And it was an ability that was met with prejudice in most places of the Terran Sphere of Planets, so in a way it was best that it died out. However, Marin CAN transform into a large white Wolf. His mother died in childbirth and his father was killed by robbers, when he was in college. It gave Marin a distaste for the criminal element and he took it upon himself to become a vigilante. Later, Daniel Hunter of the Prime City media company, dubbed him "Crescent". And over time, Daniel became Marin's lover and beloved. Over many trials and encounters that took Marin and Daniel from Eden to event happened to change Marin's life forever. Daniel died and Marin didn't know what to do...his distant cousin (Matthew Stone), from Seirar, invited him to come to Seirar and start his life over. Marin cut his hair, changed his life and moved on...eventually healing from the pain of Daniel's loss and finding new love in a younger man of the Wolf Clan called Bryce Nakamura.

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    He sounds really rad!! c:

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      Thanks! I worked on this story for about 5 years, it was set in the same universe as a short story I did in a high school English class. It's hard to believe the original stuff is dated 1995-2000! A pen-pal I had did Marin and Daniel's original designs for me...since I was not good with humans back then. :)

      A lot happened as I wrote this a lot of events got influenced by my real life events. Marin (personality-wise) was based on my one true Daniel was based more on my personality.

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        Yeah, for some reason the characters from high school seem to resonate a lot with me, too! That's cool that he's been with you so long c:
        I can't say I've made a character based on who I thought would be my ideal significant other, though- the closest I came to that was 'wow, some people on this site are writing relationships really weird and gross. And people kept telling me I needed to make an SO for my OC so... I bet I can write a better one! makes hotaru and fails miserably" To be fair, I was in 7th grade and this clusterscrew created one of my fav characters now, but still... yeesh. ._.

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          The earlier you create a character...the more development and evolution you can put into them! :)

          Even though many of my characters have been in stories that are long-past finished...I still like drawing them on occasion and many are still important to me for their places in moments of my life when I did their stories. I'm trying to find the age and specific data for the next story OC I want to add to my characters folder............ XD

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            Exactly! c:

            You could always revisit their stories! Or make an AU, those give me life to be honest! It gives me a chance to explore something in my characters that I might not normally be able to uvu

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              AUs are always fun, too! The last Marin story I wrote technically began as a story about Marin's cousin, Matt. I did bring up a pretty big plot point that I didn't wrap up...since I didn't continue Matt's stories! XD In my head I know how it wraps up, but I should write it out someday! :)

              I find it fun to write imagination is unlimited--while my art skill kind of is. I can write anything I I never feel as stressed writing as I do with art. :D

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                All of my stories that don't turn into RPs are written in my head- I've never gotten around to writing them down as more than vague guidelines of what happens OTL

                That's good! I'm glad you have an outlet that doesn't stress you out! c: I'm the opposite, actually- writing stresses me out sometimes because I feel like I wrote better a couple years ago, plus writing my own story seems terribly daunting for anything more than a page or two? But with art I'm just like 'screw it make it up as you go along if you have to.' OTL

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                  I tend to write pretty straightforward (and mostly dialogue) when I do my handwritten draft. It gets longer and more fleshed out as I type it. I think "Crescent" was only 100 pages handwritten, but was close to 300 pages typed total. :)

                  I can never do first drafts on a screen (partly because I dislike typing), a lot of it has to do with me adding notes in the margins for what could make a scene better or if I want to change it.

                  My "Steel and Blood" Power Rangers old fan-fic is a great example. The whole second half of the story changed from written to typed drafts because of an episode of "Power Rangers ZEO" I had just seen at the time...I think it was made better with the changes! :D

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    I'm a sucker for vigilante characters <3

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      Me too!!!! :)

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    Very neat! <3 sorry I've been absent so long! I forgot about my second gallery! XD Expect spam tomorrow.

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      Okie dokie! :)

      And thanks! :D