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Jamie Fern


4 February 2015 at 16:44:18 MST

Jamie Fern
22 (32 by the end of the story series)
Rabbit (with a symbiotic entity)

*art commissioned from http://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddisyn/

General biographical data:
Jamie is a Rabbit from a world that evolved with symbiotes inside all their bodies when they are born. Others on other worlds sometimes refer to Jamie's people as "vampires" because their symbiotic entities cause them to have a necessity to drink blood in order to stay alive and healthy. They still eat normal foods, but their own systems need specific nutrients and minerals that their bodies cannot process from food. Over the years...the people of Jamie's world created a serum that emulates blood, and most people now drink this serum on a regular basis so they don't need to drink blood.

Knowing that information...Jamie doesn't particularly like being a symbiotic being and has a very bad tendency to "forget" to take his serum often. The bad part of this...it leaves him in a nearly starving state after a certain amount of time and his symbiote will exert control over his body to try and get things back to normal. Jamie is quiet and gentle...his symbiote can be a little wild and sometimes aggressive, so Jamie gets upset when his symbiote takes control of his body.

After receiving his medical degree and having basic training, Jamie signed up to become a Medical Ensign on a starship...but his deployment papers were changed at the last minute and he found himself on the much smaller transport carrier, the "Meri Star". At first Jamie was moody about not getting a starship deployment, but he found himself liking the small crew on the transport carrier. The Chief Medical Officer, Lana Sandpaw, practically adopted him right away and showed him more medical stuff than he learned in school. He found himself sort of liking Sean Strike, as well...but has never said anything to the First Officer.

When the "Meri Star" was stuck at a planet and was attacked by Raptor Pirates...unfortunately Jamie and Cory were captured and tortured. Jamie suffered greatly and by the time Sean found them, his symbiote had taken control of the body and killed some of the pirates. But the symbiote wouldn't be calmed down until Sean forced him to drink some of his own blood. Jamie realized what happened and was both horrified and depressed and chose to return to his homeworld and try to deal with what he'd suffered. Five years later he asked to return to the "Meri Star"...partly to continue his medical training in space and partly because he found he missed everyone on the ship, too.

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